unikat: our university shop and café

unikat - Unishop in den Kolonnaden

Writing utensils, notebooks, textiles, mugs, USB sticks and much more: You will find everything you need in 'unikat:', including souvenirs, gifts and useful items for the day-to-day routine at university. The shop has a large selection of JGU promotional merchandise and other well-designed products to meet your daily needs. Quality, outstanding design and use of sustainable production methods are the main features that characterize all our product lines.  

The 'unikat:' shop was opened in late 2012 under the colonnades at the entrance to the JGU campus and we have been selling our JGU merchandise through this prominent outlet on the Gutenberg campus ever since. But 'unikat:' is also a café - our partner Werner's Backstube supplies us with a wide range of high quality bakery products and specialty coffees. The seating areas inside and out are wonderful spots to take a break. Come on by!

(Photos: Jürgen S. Hofmann)