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The network of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

You are the ambassadors of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz – more than 100,000 Gutenberg alumni are nationally and internationally engaged in politics, business, science, society, and culture.

And this number is continuously growing. Every year, more than 3,500 JGU graduates start their professional careers. Just like former lecturers, employees, and researcher alumni, they keep in contact with their alma mater and help create a diverse and lively network. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz places great value on building and maintaining links with its alumni worldwide.

Gutenberg Alumni: Who belongs?

The term 'alumnus' (Latin for pupil, from alere = to nurture, raise, feminine form alumna) was originally used to designate a student of a so-called alumnat, i.e., a boarding school. It is now used generally for people who have spent time at a university or in an organization. In our view, anyone who has studied, taught, researched, or worked in some other fashion at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz qualifies as an alumna or alumnus of JGU. Current members of the university also qualify.

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The inner circle of our network is composed of numerous decentralized alumni groups, alumni societies, and associations of friends. They offer service, events, and publications which provide, in good university tradition, the opportunity to stay in touch with other alumni and friends of the faculty, the institute, or division of Mainz University.

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