Become a host friend

Host friends are needed for participation in the 'Foreigners Become Friends' program

"A friendly meeting of old and young. Reminiscing about time at university.
We promote international diversity."
(Hans-Jörn, host)

Every year several hundred international students come to JGU. The 'Foreigners Become Friends" program brings them into contact with residents in Mainz and the surrounding area. Locally-based Mainz alumni are needed: Are you interested in the wider world? Are you prepared to invite foreign students to see how you live? Do you want to work on your foreign language skills? Do you want interesting experiences with wonderful people? Become a host friend!

You can give your foreign friends insight into daily German life and explore the city together, take excursions into the surroundings and simply come together in your private sphere. Students are provided with a family-like basis in a foreign land and most importantly are encouraged to speak German.

Volunteering is at the core of the program: The international students and their host friends decide when and how often they meet. Joint excursions are also made in larger groups, game and film evenings are also organized. The coordinators organize an international 'Stammtisch' once a month.

As host friend you have no financial obligations toward 'your' students. The students pay for their studies, accommodation and recreational activities. For more information, see the host friend guidelines (program's homepage).

More than 100 Mainz host friends have already signed up. More host friends are wanted.


"What a great way of helping foreign students to find out more about our culture
and also enabling us to learn about theirs. We're there when they need help.
We are a kind of replacement family. And we make new friends!"
(Gabriele, host)